Director · Producer · Cinematographer · Cameraman · Editor – Buenos Aires, Argentina





    Dorita lives and works in a public school in the middle of the beautiful Calchaquí valley, deep inside the hills of Tucumán province (Argentina).
    She cooks every day; in the morning, in the afternoon and evening. Every meal she prepares is made with love.

    Her food brings with it the homemade taste from whom cooks it with dedication.
    Dorita's hands are unique. The love she feels for these children is present in every meal she makes.

    The smell and the taste of her food will remain in those kids memories for the rest of their lives.
    Dorita will always be that amazing and mysterious lady of a blue apron cooking next to the window.

    The old knife over the wooden table, the boiling pileup on a firewood, her smile... those images will last forever in the mind, heart and soul of this kids.



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    Freelance Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Cameraman, Editor, Documentarian.

    Independent media professional based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Production Management in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay.

    12 years of vast and diverse experiences on documentary films, docu-reality tv series, ads and webtv.


    90 Seconds Air NZ
    American Television Agency Bloomberg TV · Retro Report · The New York Times · Eurovision · NTN Colombia · Central China Televison · HSBC Now · Microsoft · Euronews
    Boga Bogagna Encuentro · Acua Federal · Paka Paka

    Brandigital adidas · Danet · La Serenísima · Alto Palermo · Cindor · SAP

    Dharma Producciones Fashion TV · Playboy TV
    DLB Group Bridgestone
    Fly Films GCBA

    Hypnosis Films La Serenísima

    Lloro de Felicidad “Eléctrica” (UN3TV) · “Eléctrica 2” (crowfunding Idea.me) · Knorr · Blackie Books · Garbarino · Mondelez
    Malevo Films Encuentro
    MTVLA Los 10+ · Entrevistas · Especiales
    Muu Cine Coca-Cola

    PRAMER Cosmopolitan, Hallmark

    PRSNL “Republic of Soya”

    R/GA Netflix · Nike

    RUPTLY International news coverage
    UNTREF El Gourmet · Encuentro · Canal (á)

    Sake Argentina CCU Argentina · Fly Garage

    TV Quality A&E · History

    Zona Audiovisual & Haddock Films “Los 100 días que no conmovieron al mundo” · “Betibú”

    Other media companies and channels Rocoto · Micó & Asoc · Zoek Producciones · MBC Group · América 24 · América TV · BBC · NRK · Encuentro · TV Pública · Music Wins



    Producer at Euronews

    "Francisco is a very good cameraman with a patient, methodical approach that results in well shot features. He speaks great English and is very good fun to be around."

    Productora en Canal Encuentro

    "He tenido la oportunidad de trabajar juntos en varios proyectos y ha sido un gran compañero y muy profesional. Se involucra con gran responsabilidad con el trabajo, aportando y tirando para adelante."

    Unit Manager en MTV Networks Argentina

    "Excelente trabajo como camarógrafo en diversos proyectos que compartimos."

    Account Manager at DLB Group Worldwide

    "Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con Francisco en las diferentes acciones que realizamos para la Final de la “Copa Bridgestone Libertadores 2014” en Buenos Aires.

    Francisco se encargó de toda la cobertura audiovisual de las diferentes acciones que realizamos para este evento. Manejamos y coordinamos la logística con un grupo de 70 personas en su mayoría ganadores de diferentes concursos de la marca, la organización de un torneo de fútbol amateur, y el coctel de bienvenida de todo el grupo.

    Francisco es responsable, inteligente, creativo y con una excelente disposición. Es un profesional además proactivo, que presta un servicio de calidad y con quien es muy fácil trabajar. Además aporta sugerencias y está dispuesto a resolver cualquier problema o dificultad que se presente.

    Trabajar con Francisco fue una gran experiencia."




    How to look at something

    I'm always looking for the best image; the most aesthetic and attractive way of framing a scene; even if it's with a large HD camera or a small DSLR. The trick is to find where to look and to put my camera where I believe is the best spot. I like to use natural light.

    Interesting things happen all the time, I like to be prepared to capture actions, and then tell a story with them. Sometimes it requires that I stay quiet, not asking a single thing. I just push Rec button and the magic happens. Some other times communication and directions are the tools I need to give life to the content I'm creating.


    The key for a good production

    Even if it's a large scale or a tiny 2-people production, the teamwork and internal communications are a crucial key for outstanding results on productions. Win-win situations are created by every leader inside the crew (each one of them).


    It's important to have a clear understanding of the needs of the production, in order to recruit the best team for the job. Sometimes just a few is enough, sometimes is needed a large crew to create a film/video.


    Real life scenes

    Observe. Participate, but do not interfere. Watch and listen. Be human. Share. Love. Follow the flow, and fastly pick what river leads you down to the ocean of meaning. Loose control. Let the action breath to capture the magic of real life.




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